Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For My Partners (Ideas About Me, etc)

I know I can be kinda vague sometimes in the answers on the forms.  I hate filling out forms..lol.  So here are some answers and info on me that you can come back and refer to for various swaps.

- I am allergic to coconut.  PLEASE nothing edible.  Bath and body products with coconut oil is fine as I'm not eating those and it doesn't bother me. 

- NO chocolate!!  As much as I love chocolate, it is beginning to get warmer and I don't want puddles of chocolate.  So just skip that altogether. 

- I prefer hard candies anyways.  My favorite flavors are orange and grape and I pick every orange and grape candy out of the jolly rancher bags and give the rest to my kids and hubby..lol.  I hate lemon flavored candies.  My favorite candies of all are Atomic Fireballs and Parma Violets (UK candy)

- I prefer tea over coffee.  Black or Red teas are the best.  Vanilla flavored teas are my favorite.  Please no green teas. 

- I love fun, whimsical, kawaii prints.  Love teal/turquoise, darker pinks, purples, silver/grey, red, black.  I am not big on pastels or neons.  And not a fan of a lot of yellow or orange.  A little thrown in here and there is fine but not the whole project...My grandmother hated yellow and I think I got part of that..lol. 

- I like useable things.  Or things I can put on my wall.  I'm trying to reduce the amount of clutter we have.  Baskets/Bins, Totes/Pouches, One Hour Basket/Wallets, Minis/Mugrugs/Hoops, etc. 

- I love fabric scraps, binding clips or extra large paper clips.  Long needles, embroidery needles and threads. 

- I love kawaii:  Sentimental Circus and Kutusita Nyanko are my favorites.  I love cute and pretty writing papers and stationery.  Love .38mm writing pens, Rainbows/Rainclouds, Unicorns, Owls, Eiffel Tower, Vintage Paris are all styles and things I like as well. 

- Love clean and tropical scented candle tarts (no florals or bakery scents), love small black brads, wool and eco felt sheets and yardage cuts. 

- The only holiday I decorate for is Christmas.  Please no religious items.  While I do believe in God, I am not into getting a ton of religious items unless I sign up for a swap of that.  Please no "country" or "rustic" style items. 

- I am a HUGE World of Warcraft fan and have been playing it since it started over 10 years ago.  Alliance side!!  I LOVE LOVE the movie Labyrinth, ever since I was a little girl and I saw it in theaters have I loved it!!  I love the Sword of Truth BOOK series by Terry Goodkind (HATED the show, it was rubbish)

- I don't wear a lot of jewelry, only my wedding ring and sometimes an occasional necklace.  But I am allergic to mostly all metals except real silver and gold.  And definitely do not expect a partner to buy me real stuff.  So please just leave the jewelry out as I cannot wear normal metals!!  Sucks as there are a ton of gorgeous earrings out there I would love to get, but can't wear as they make my ears swell up and itchy, it's not fun!

I am very easy to please.  I ADORE handmade items and treasure and display them!!  I love a wide range of things and you can get an idea just by browsing my Instagram!!  I do have a pinterest, but I really try to stay off of it the majority of the time.  I can lose myself on there for hours and well it sucks away a lot of time I want to spend doing other things!! 

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