Friday, October 23, 2015

For The Walls Instagram Swap

WOW!! We have reached 50 swappers quick!!!

I have been wanting to do this swap for a while.  With my life going upside down I kept having to put it off and hoping no one else would do my idea secretly lol.

Now that I get a bit of a break and I'm caught up with all my swaps I can finally announce this!!

I am SO excited!

The hashtag we will be using for the entire duration of this swap will be #forthewallsswap

I DO follow the "Naughty List" very closely and even more closely now with the string of non thankers and such going through Instagram.

This is strictly an Instagram swap.  If you do not have an account on Instagram, I'm sorry but I cannot accept you.

Your Instagram should show pictures of your crafts, or swaps you've been in.  Thank you pics and ones you've sent as well.  If it does not show ANYTHING related to crafting, you probably won't get in.  I'm sorry but us Swap Hosts have to be careful and have a little more tighter reign to our swaps now.

Your Instagram MUST be public for the duration of the swap.  We cannot see your hashtags or ANY pictures if you are private, they won't show up under the group hashtag we will use.  If you go private during the swap, I WILL drop you and replace you!!

I will NOT be chasing you to check in.  I will give you a set date you must check in by, either by email or Instagram.  If you do not check in by this date, I will assume you no longer want to participate and drop and replace you.  I will not chase people.  If you choose to be in my swap, then you will make every effort to make the check in dates.  They will be sent with a mass email and/or an Instagram post.  You should be following me to make sure you can see the check ins required.

THANK YOUS are REQUIRED when you receive your package.  It's very rude NOT to thank your partner when they've spent days laboring over your gift.  If you do not post a thank you when received, your name will go on the Naughty List and you will be banned from my swaps.

Do NOT flake.  We all hate flakers.  It's no fun when you send out an amazing gift and get nothing in return.  You will be placed on the swap flakers list and be forever banned from my swaps as well.

ACTIVE Swappers only!!  Be prepared to post a Mosaic by a certain date, progress pics and check ins for this swap!!

Newbies:  I will only be accepting 5 "new to swapping" people.  And this is on a case by case basis.  ALSO since you are new, you will be mailing your item first - when I have tracking info/receipt proof I will give the go ahead for your partner to send to you.  I'm sorry but due to the wave of flakers and non senders, some hosts are getting more strict about who joins.


For The Walls!!!

You will be creating ONE Medium to Large Sized item or two smaller items for your partner to hang on their wall!!  This can be from ANY craft!!  Hoops, Mini Quilts, Wooden Wall Signs, Etc!!  

Please go off your partners interest and Mosaic to get ideas into what they would like to see on their wall!!  Please do not be too specific in your answers because some can't sew or make miniquilts.  So don't only put down miniquilts as your answer!!  

DO spend a lot of time on your gift, making it super special for your partner.  Don't just throw something together and call it done!!  Make it something YOU would love to receive yourself!  

Extras are not required but are always appreciated.  

We want something amazeballs to be able to proudly hang and show off!!  I have a whole part of my wall above my crafting station that is dedicated just to what people make me in swaps!!  It's a wonderful creative wall and I love looking at it!!


Sign ups will start keep checking my Instagram for the post on when to sign up.  It's going to be a limited swap, so a limited amount of people.  I will only accept up to 50 signups.  So get a spot quick!!

Sign ups will close Nov 15th or when we get 50 people!

Please allow up to TWO WEEKS after sign ups close to closely check the list and assign partners.  Please be patient!!

SHIP DATE:  MAR 15TH 2016!!  You HAVE to get your item out by this date.  No ifs, ands or buts!! I understand life happens, but if you think something is going to be going on by this date, make and send your item EARLY!!  

You MUST email me or DM me your TRACKING number and/or mailing receipt when you mail.  If you do not, I will assume you never mailed your item.  I REQUIRE receipt or tracking proof!!

Mosaic - Must be up by Dec 15th. 
First Check In - Jan 1st
Second Check In - Feb 1st
FINAL Check In - March 1st.  
SEND DATE:  March 15th 

You will have exactly four to five days to check in with me on your progress of your item.  You may not have much progress the first check in, but you could at least have an idea on what you want to do.  Show or tell me some ideas!!

I would like if you could show progress pictures of the item you're working on between the check in dates.  Please do use the hashtag #forthewallsswap on ALL your progress pics!!

This is a SECRET swap.  Meaning the person you are sending to is not the same person sending to you!!


INTERNATIONAL MAILING:  This sometimes can take longer to receive/send to International peoples.  Please do allow the time frame of waiting. Sometimes it's quick, sometimes not so quick!

If you have an international partner - please mark your customs form AS A GIFT and put $10 value on the form.  Just to be safe, if it's anything over this, they can be charged customs taxes, then it's really not a gift, they would have to PAY for their item and that's not good!

ALSO - USPS has flat rate envelopes that has a flat rate of around $26 to mail Internationally!  These are perfect to shove a lot into to mail at one flat rate for International!

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