Friday, July 7, 2017

Influenster Darling Vox Box

Influenster does it again with their amazing Darling Vox Box!!

Just look at all those wonderful goodies!!
I received a very fun box and found some very cool items!  

- Duncan Hines Chocolate Lover's Cake For 1 - This is genius and I know products like this have been around and are out there!  But I just love the concept.  I am not a big cake/cookie eater and when I want something sweet, I just want something small.  I wasn't even able to finish all of this for myself, my boys ended up eating the rest!  But it was just enough to satisfy myself without having to break out all the mixing things and make a giant cake!

- Vichy Mineral 89 Skin Booster - This I wasn't too happy with at all.  I was very excited to receive it and try it but once I did I was disappointed.  I have many Hyaluronic Acid products and I am so in love with them.  I was so hoping to find the perfect product in this.  It fell short, bad.  First it smoothed on fairly easy but it left a horrible sticky residue and took forever to sink into my skin.  I've never had a product end up like that.  And it was still sticky afterwards.  It made my face slimy throughout the day.  And it made it ITCH!!  Not happy and will not purchase or give it a 2nd thought.  

Live Clean Baby Wash & Body Lotion - While I don't have anymore babies nor my kids close to little tiny baby age, I do enjoy using these products for myself.  I've never heard of this brand or seen in anywhere in stores near me.  So it was a pleasant surprise receiving something I've never heard of!  Both had a great smell to it, nothing overpowering and well both did the job what it's supposed to do and made my skin super soft afterwards!  If I could ever find this product in stores I will most likely purchase!

Eva NY Hair Care - I love hair masks and was super excited to see I had received one with this box.  I LOVED this product and it's on my to buy list when I run out of my other hair masks I have to get through!  This made my hair feel silky soft with no greasiness!

Nature's Bounty Energy Gummies - I have definitely been needing more energy lately with my family life and workload.  I enjoyed these, although they are a little hard to chew, I would prefer softer gummies.  I am terrible about taking pills or vitamins so these helped.  I received the flavor of watermelon and to me it tastes like candy and smells like it too!  I would definitely consider purchasing these!  They did give me a little boost of energy!

Country Crock Butter - I received a free product coupon to get a tub of this at my local grocery store.  I had no problems redeeming the coupon and of course have always bought Country Crock.  I cook with it, I mix cinnamon or garlic with it to create a different flavor for different meals.  We enjoy Country Crock butter!!


I receive all these products complimentary for testing products.  All reviews are my own and not everything I receive works for me or I like.  But that doesn't mean it won't work for you!  

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