Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Grill BzzKit

First off I am a BzzAgent and received a BzzKit for this review.

It was a set of coupons to the Kroger family of stores.  Here we have a Frys and they had no issues taking my Kroger coupons.  They were very friendly and helpful when I was having a few issues finding some things!

We got Free chips, Free hamburger buns, free soda and some ice cream.  And bought hamburger meat to go along with this.

Brought everything home and proceeded to make some hamburgers!!

The buns were soft and yummy!!

The soda actually wasn't that bad for being an off brand soda.  We got the Sprite equivalent.  It's called Lemon Lime.  The kids loved it.  Didn't leave a bad aftertaste or anything.

The chips were good - we got a cheddar flavor and they tasted like Lays to me!!

And the ice cream was yummy too!!  This was a bzzkit I was super excited about!  Because everyone loves food!!

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