Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tortuga Life Luxury Bath Bombs Gift Set with Bubble Bath Soap

What a pretty wooden box and ribbon!!
I was recently chosen to do a review on this wonderful product.  I adore bath bombs and buy them constantly from etsy and other websites!!

This you can purchase from Amazon for $24.90.  It makes a wonderful gift and is beautifully packaged!!

The bath bombs come in a set of 6 with a bubble bath bottle.  In a wooden round box with a pretty red ribbon tied around it!

When you open up the box it smells SO GOOD!!

The scents of the bath bombs are:
-Catching ZZZZ-with lavender oil
-Revive-citrus bland with peppermint
-Spa Day-cocoa butter with honey
-Inspiration-jasmine with ylang ylang
-Pure Romance-rose and sandalwood
-Stiff Muscles-ginger and lemongrass

And you get 1 Lavender Bubble Bath jar.  

I decided to use these the other night.  Well one bath bomb.  They are 4.5 oz and next time I will probably use two because I like big bombs.  

I am not a big bubble bath person so I just used a little bit so I wouldn't have mountains of bubbles.  It smelled really nice, really relaxing!  

I ended up using the Inspiration (Jasmine and Ylang Ylang) one.  It's SLOW doesn't explode into your bath like some.  There is no color, but the strength of the smell was very nice.  And the scent lingered even after my bath, which was amazing.  Loved this!!

I really enjoyed this item and will definitely keep in mind for gifts for others who would also enjoy this product!  

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