Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moving Sucks

Well my family and I recently did a major life change.  We moved from one state to another.  We went from far west coast to far east coast in the course of, well it took us a 4 day drive here.  Not fun at all. 
I drove the 26' moving truck, with two children, two ferrets and a small dog all in the front seat with me.  I followed my husband who drove his little car, had my other child, two cats, several rats, hamster and the snakes...
We were PACKED full...OH and I was towing my explorer behind the moving truck.  I hated driving that thing.  I went SO SLOW up mountains and hills because I was SO FULL. 
AND we slept in the vehicles, because well hey, moving and even traveling is expensive....and gas was CRAZY in that truck.  And it was so uncomfortable.  I rarely slept, couldn't get comfortable...blah blah blah

Anyways, here we are on the gorgeous East Coast in the gorgeous state of NY, far upstate and I'm FREEZING. 
I spent the last almost 3 years in Phoenix Arizona where temperatures were still around the 100s out right now in September.  Here the mornings are 30s-50s and well I'm cold.  My body is still on Phoenix weather.  They've been having some INSANE storms lately, omg!!  The floods and crazy dust storms!  I'm kinda glad we did get away before all that happened. 
Anyways, where we live is absolutely beautiful.  I have been to upstate NY before this a few times and it's always amazed me how breathtaking the scenery is. 
I'm just not adjusted to the cold.  And not prepared for snow.  I LOVE snow, just not the amount of snow I know this area gets.
All of our stuff is in a storage unit at the moment.  And it's dusty from good ol' Arizona!  I really need to go through it and have like a massive yard sale or something.  There's a lot to go through.  I am so not looking forward to unpacking all that mess AND the cleaning of it when we move in our home. 
We're buying a house here now instead of Arizona.  My daughter wasn't too happy when she learned that but she's already making friends here and adjusting to life in New York.  We do live with husband's family at the moment and it is cramped and can be annoying.  We're all getting on each other's nerves.  I hate living with people, even if it is family.  I am SO ready for my own house.  I want to decorate and do stuff MY way.  And just be able to walk around in PJ's all day if I wish to. 
AND I want to craft again.  Living here I have limited supplies with me, the bulk of my stuff and my sewing machine is stuck in storage.  There are so many ideas I've written down that I want to do and just can't...
Within the next two months we plan to buy a home up here and hopefully get all moved and settled in before Christmas. 
And OH I am SO looking forward to having a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!  I LOVE Christmas.  I LOVE being around Mike's family and can't wait for the holidays.  I was so lonely in Arizona.  I was FAR away from ANY family!!  Mine or husband's!  I can't wait for the gatherings and the FOOD!  I love fall food. 
So as much as the move and the weather changing climates suck, I've really loved being here.  There are some annoyances, but that's going to be with everywhere you live.  And I know I'm going to get sick of the long winters and snows, but it truly is a breathtaking place to be.  Up in the mountains, all quiet and cozy. 

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