Sunday, September 28, 2014

The New Keurig 2.0

I received recently an email from stating I would be receiving the new Keurig 2.0 before it hit the stores to test and review. 
  I was so excited, I did a little dance!! 
  I was even more excited when I got this product in the mail!! It was very easy to work and set up. Easy to set the clock, change the background color, you can even change the water reservoir colors!! Not only did I receive the Keurig but I also received a carafe to go with it. And K-Cups. Not just the normal one cup K-cups but I got ones to make a full Carafe. It's so easy to use. Pop a K-Cup in the slot. Either a one cup or a full pot. You can set how many cups you would like to make as well. I normally just set it to 4-5 because there are a few people in this household who drink coffee with me!! 

I can't wait to get some more K-Cups and continue to use my new Keurig. 
I've yet to have any problems with it.  I have read some bad reviews both on the site and their facebook page, but honestly I've yet to have a thing go wrong with it.  It's really easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee or tea each time! 
So thank you Keurig and Influenster for my fun new product.  I think this is one of the best yet!! 


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