Friday, October 23, 2015

Apple & Eve Quenchers

My kids absolutely loved the flavors we got for this.  They were all gone within a couple of days.

The flavors I received in my box were:

- Berrylicious Lemonade
- Fruit Punch Burst
- Razzberry Apple Splash
- Tart Cherry (this was a BIG bottle of it)

My boys got to each pick out one of the smaller boxes of juice they wanted, as they were the first ones home from school that day!

My youngest who is 7 chose Razzberry Apple Splash, and my oldest who is 13 chose Fruit Punch Burst.  Both really loved them and claimed the flavors were really yummy.  They wanted more of them!!

My daughter who is 15, got the Berrylicious Lemonade.  She loved it as well.

The next day we tried the Tart Cherry.  I personally didn't care for the flavor but my husband and kids loved it.  They said it was just sweet with a twinge of tartness to it!!  I'm not a big Cherry flavored fan to begin with, so I didn't really like it.

Overall, we really enjoyed the flavors to this product and it is on my grocery list to pick up some more.  The smaller boxes are convenient to use with an after school snack!!  They can just grab one from the fridge!!  And with it being actual fruit juice and not a lot of loaded or added on ingredients, I can make sure they're getting a good balance in what they drink.  Instead of just sodas!

I received this product completely free to review and test from Influenster

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