Friday, October 23, 2015

October's The 3b Box Review

I dropped a few beauty subscriptions I was in as they just kept getting worse and worse.  Like Ipsy.  I had been a member of Ipsy before they changed their name, WAY BACK when they were just MyGlam.  They started off awesome and slowly through the years, tapered off to crap.  I kept receiving crap and the same things over and over.  And changing your profile and redoing your reviews DOES NOT help on what you will receive in your bags.  Because I've done it, multiple times...and still the same things over and over.  Plus Ipsy's point system is crap.  The things you get is not that great.  I keep Birchbox because their point system is amazing and you can choose ANYTHING on their store site with your points!

Anyways I found The 3b Box which is all asian beauty products.  I LOVE korean and japanese beauty products!!  They are some of my top favorites ever!

You will start off on the waitlist most likely, just like I did.  When they send you that link to get off of it, I suggest you jump on that FAST!

You receive a pouch every month that contains 4-5 deluxe beauty samples (which sometimes, MOST times contains a full size item)!!

All for $12 a month.  Which I think that is awesome as you get to try beauty products from other countries, that can be hard to obtain in the US.

Here is my October box

I got a lot of fantastic products this month to try out!!  I am really excited.  And a full size item as well!!

What these products are:

- DHC Aplha-Arbutin White Mask - From Japan's No 1 direct skincare company, fights dullness and discoloration from again and sun exposure.  Alpha-arbutin, an advanced skin brightener, comes with mulberry, serine, and peony to deliver a much needed dose of hydration and radiance-enhancing glow as we head into cooler months.  

I haven't used this one yet and will update when I do - I LOVE sheet masks though!!  They normally end up making my skin feel awesome afterwards and I've always noticed results.  I however, LOVE the brand DHC and own several products from them!!

- Holika Holika Good Cera Toner And Emulsion - This toner and emulsion is formulated with ceramide, a component found in the top layer of our skin that holds skin cells together.  Ceramide forms a protective layer that plumps the skin and helps it retain moisture and elasticity.  After cleansing, pat toner onto face, follow with emulsion to moisturize. 

I used this as part of my nightly routine last night and I absolutely love it!!  It feels amazingly cool on my skin!  Very soft!

- Lador Perfect Hair Filler - A concentrated hair ampoule that is enriched with protein, silk amino acid, keratin, collagen, and ceramide, this treatment will condition even the most damaged of hair.  To use, mix treatment with water in 1:1 ratio and mix until it turns into a cream consistency.  Thoroughly massage mixture into hair and rise off after 20 minutes. 

I haven't had a chance to use this yet, but am off this weekend and plan on trying this.  I have a lot of dead ends and my hair has been really dry moving into the winter months here in upstate NY so I am REALLY looking forward to trying this product!

- It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector - Naturally rich vitamin C derivatives and green tea extract supress melanin formation to reduce the appearance of dark spots - even freckles and old acne scars.  Refine your skin texture and create a visibly brighter complexion with this VC Effector.  After cleansing and toning, squeeze a few drops into palm and gently pat into skin.  Follow with your favorite emulsion or moisturizer.

I think this is my favorite product out of this box.  Hello, full size item!  But also what it's claiming to do.  I've been using this in my routine and while it's just been a few days I haven't really seen a difference, but I have felt one.  It has a nice citrus-y smell to it as well.  It's easy to apply.  

I am really happy with this month's overall box.  

If you would like to join, it's $12 a month, and well worth it!  You can join by clicking the link below!

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