Friday, October 30, 2015

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Eye Gel

I work late at night, sometimes even overnight.  With three kids and a husband I don't always get a lot of sleep, sleep that I NEED to receive!  Definitely not 8 hours.

I suffer from dark circles and puffiness around my eyes because of this and just everyday stress.  

I have found a wonder product for me!!  I received this complimentary to review and test for an honest opinion.  Some things I've received, have never worked out.  This on the other hand has been amazing and one I am HAPPY to review and post about!!

It's from Joyal Beauty and it's a Vitamin C Eye Gel.  

It comes in an easy to use pump bottle where you can get just the right amount you need!!  You put a small amount on your ring finger and gently pat into the skin under your eyes and on your brow bone.  

1. This nourishing organic Vitamin C Eye Gel is a concentrated delivery system for the highest form of active, bio-available Vitamin C with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Vera, Cucumber Distillate, Licorice and Silk Protein Amino Acid.

2. Our organic Vitamin C Eye Gel is safe for all skin types and conditions including dry or irritated skin, wrinkles, fine lines, dull complexion, eye bags, dark circles under eyes.

3. Our Vitamin C Eye Gel is non-comedogenic which will not clog pores and does not contain parabens or alcohol. It can be used at day and night to refresh your tired eyes.

I use this during both my morning and night routine, before I go to bed.  

I have very sensitive skin, especially around my eye area and it's always been difficult for me to find a good product because of this reason.  

This does not bother my skin, it doesn't irritate it.  It has a cooling effect when applied and smells of cucumbers, so no overpowering smell like most I have tried.  

It's very affordable at just $17.28 on amazon - normally falls under most skincare items you get at the drugstore!  

I would definitely be purchasing it again after mine is used up and am happy to review a really good product.

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