Thursday, November 19, 2015

NuvoCig Hooka & Vape Electronic Cigarettes

I have been a smoker since before I was 18.  The statistics show that most young people start smoking before they're 18 years old.  It's scary and honestly I wish I had never started.  It's not easy to quit.  It's a pain in the ass honestly.  I've quit before and then went through a major life change and started up as if I had never quit a year later.  And now for the life of me, have had so many issues trying to quit again.  It's been rough and hell.  I get stressed really easily and well cigs have always been my stress reliever.  But I'm honestly tired of the way they make me feel, tired of feeling tired pretty much.  Tired of not being able to do anything.

Am I any better for getting off of cigarettes and going to Hooka pens or Vapes?  Well I don't feel so crappy as I did before.  I can actually RUN without getting short of breath.  Are these electronic cigs really any better?  I have no idea as there is honestly not much scientific work around them as far as I know.  But I can actually DO things without feeling like I can't.  I can run and walk and do things without having to take a break because I smoke.  I get a straight shot of nicotine from these pens without any of the tar or crap from actual cigarettes.  And I don't need as many puffs.  So taking three hits off an electronic cig or vape is like smoking a full cig to me.

It's helping me quit.  I started off at a very high nicotine level on a vape pen.  I haven't bought a pack of smokes in oh 4-5 months now.  So I am saving $10 a day (YES they are that much in New York, it's ridiculous)...I am now on a medium level of nicotine and hopefully soon will bump down to a lighter level, then no nicotine.  I'm weaning myself off of it slowly without really realizing what I am doing.  I'm 35 years old now and would like to totally quit FOR GOOD for life.  It would save so much money in the long run.  Vape pens or electronic cigs aren't really cheap, but they are cheaper than $10 a

I recently had the chance to review a Electronic Pen/Hooka/Vape company called NuvoCig - If you are into these pens and Vapes you should really go check them out.  They're a really good company.  The customer service is superb (I've had to ask them a few questions when I first received my kit and I got very prompt helpful answers)!  And the prices aren't that bad.  I did some research and a few Vape kits like that run for almost $200 in stores alone!!

I received something similar to the Create Your Own Starter Kit - It included the Electronic Hooka Pen as they call it and the Ecig pen.  A wall Charger, a Car Charger and 5 of the flavor sticks.  I got to choose because I am reviewing different flavor sticks.  When YOU choose, you'll only get to choose one flavor.  Let me tell you, do NOT choose Cappuccino unless you really like the bitter aftertaste of me though, it's YUCK!  lol.  I was not impressed with that one.  I also got the Vanilla, Grape, Watermelon and Pina Colada - My favorites have to be Grape and Vanilla.  The Pina Colada was really light so not much of a flavor too it and so was the Watermelon.  The only thing different from my kit, is I didn't receive the carrying case you will with this Kit.  I think because I'm reviewing their product, I like it anyways, even without the case.  I never use those anyways!!

It's really easy to set these pens up.  What you want to do is charge them first.  Plug in the wall charger, then the USB charger to that.  Set your pen in there first let it charge for about an hour.  After you get your pen off, plug in the Hooka Pen and let that charge for about 2 hours.  You can easily screw on your flavor packs into the E-cig Pen.  And then puff.  There are Tobacco Levels you can choose from.  Super High, High, Medium and No Tobacco.  I choose the High as I wasn't quite sure about how they ranked theirs from what my actual Vape pen is already.  The high is pretty strong.  It's like smoking a pack of Reds!! They say that 5 Flavor packs is supposed to last to about 10 packs of smokes.  Depending on how you smoke.  I'm sure they could last shorter or longer.  Shorter if you chain smoke, and longer if you don't smoke that much.

To turn the Hooka Pen on, you'll need to click *5* times fast and a little blue light will flash three times to let you know it's on.  Hold down that button (it will light up) as you puff.  Let go when you're done.  When you want to turn it off, again click *5* times fast and the little blue light will again flash three times to let you know it's off.  It's REALLY EASY to operate!!  And the Hooka Pen battery lasts A LONG time!!

I really enjoyed my kit I received.  And it's not that bad of a price.  The Create Your Own Starter Kit is $39.99 for all that I mentioned above.  It's a nice kit.  Would I order more?  Most definitely.  I'm already looking to purchase another 5 Cartomizers - most likely in Vanilla flavored.  They are $19.99 per set of 5.  And compare that to 10 packs of cigarettes - in New York they are $10 a pack.  10 packs is $100!!  So you're pretty much buying an equivalent to a carton for $20.  That's cheap!!

Also the smell.  I hated having everything smell like Cig Smoke.  Even though I smoked outside it would still get on my clothes.  I couldn't stand smoking inside or having people smoke inside their house, to me that made it even worse.  I have a very sensitive nose, even when I smoked I was still very sensitive to smells and could tell when someone smoked in their house, etc.  I didn't even smoke in my car.  I would stop, pull over and smoke.  It made for some long road trips doing it this way!  Now I vape.  There is no smoke smell on my clothes or in my car!  And no second hand smoke.

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