Monday, November 2, 2015

Smart Weigh Digital Stainless Steel Food & Kitchen Scale

I love everything to do with food, whether it is eating out, checking food stores, or cooking at home. I had the most basic, cheap kitchen scales. You know the type that has the face of a clock, on the front, and then the bowl on the top, that you put your ingredients in.

When I opened the package with the Smart Weigh Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale, and saw that it was just a bit larger than an Ipad, I was blown away. Looking straight down on it, it has a very classy look with nice steel color and a sleek surface. On the bottom fifth of it, it has a unit button, a power/tare button, and in between is the LCD screen. I call these buttons, but they are smooth, and part of the glass. The size of the kitchen scale is 7.4” wide, 8.5” long, and half an inch in depth. They are super sleek and light weight.

Upon opening the User Manual I saw how easy they are to use. Make sure that they are on a flat surface. Press the On/off/tare button. The LCD screen will light up, and be on 0. The scales can be on ml, gram, fl’oz, or lb and oz. I love this feature, because my English cookbooks are now metric. To change from one to another, you have to touch the Unit button, and each one will be displayed.
First thing I did was to check the accuracy of this scale. No matter how nice looking a scale is, without accuracy it would be next to worthless. I used a 50 gram calibration weight to test the accuracy and consistency of this scale and it was perfect. It was 50 grams every time, even when I repeatedly placed the weight on and off a few times. Also, I used other weights to test the tare function which also worked perfectly. The weight capacity on this scale is also plentiful. At 11 lbs, you can practically weigh most dishes/bowls

I really appreciate the ease of use of this device, and I have used this scale for weighing chicken, fish, vegetables, and for my baking ingredients. It is accurate, and so simple to use. I don't have the struggle to make sure that I have the pointer on the zero, and still being half an ounce off like with my old ones. I ended up giving them away to Salvation Army.

Cleaning is a breeze, as I just wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not wash them in a sink of water, as they are not waterproof.

This scale is also backed by an amazing 2 years warranty (subject to you taking care of the kitchen scale), which is more than any other digital scales that I have checked on Amazon. A list of do's and don’ts is included in the User Manual.

So whether you want to weigh .1 of an ounce, or 11 pounds, you have the availability of doing it with this scale. It comes with 3 lithium batteries, so you can just buy it, and start using it immediately. Your friends will want one too.

Kitchen & Food Scale

Product received at a discount in an exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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