Friday, November 6, 2015

Tree New Bee Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan

We are huge Gamers here in this household.  My husband and I both have large desktop computers as well as gaming laptops.  We play a wide variety of games including World of Warcraft (10+ yrs), Diablo 3 (did 1 & 2 as well), Skyrim, and several others.  We have all these on our computers and laptops.

So finding good cooling systems for our laptops is ideal.  I received this product deeply discounted for my honest review.  Whether a good or bad opinion on a product.  I happen to really love this cooling fan.  As well as my husband.

The Tree New Bee Gaming Laptop Fan has 2 USB ports, one to plug it to your computer and one to use as an extra port. Included in this package is a 25 inch blue USB cord. The system has 2 fan/light speed controllers that control the front two fans and the back two fans separately so you can have two or four fans running at a time. The controllers also allow you to have the blue lights very dim or extremely bright.

The fans themselves blow extremely cool, it's always cool to the touch.  The fans are honestly not as loud as some laptop cooling systems I've ran across.  And we've been through quite a few of them.  This fits my laptop very well.  There are two stopper knobs at the bottom of the system so your laptop doesn't slide off.  There are also two stands at the back you can pop up to have your laptop sitting at an angle.

The system itself is very lightweight, you can easily lift it with one hand and have no issues.

I played on the laptop for several hours yesterday with the fans going and had absolutely no issues with the fans themselves or my laptop overheating!  Which of course is a major plus!!

I am definitely buying one for my husband as well!!  We travel a lot and these would be great to take with us!!

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